What is Bartercard Trade Dollars, and how does it work?

Bartercard is a business network made up of thousands of members around the world. It is designed to assist businesses to improve cash flow and reduce cash expenses through the use of modern bartering.

Gone are the days of swapping a cow for a pig or a chicken for a goat. The power of modern bartering is that you can conserve cash and reduce expenses by using a digital currency, known as a Trade Dollar, to swap your products or services indirectly with any business within the Bartercard network.


1. More Customers

Most businesses employ salespeople, advertise, reduce prices or offer incentives to gain more customers. By using Bartercard, you get more customers by promoting your business directly to the membership base through the many sales channels and by building relationships at the networking events. It’s like having an extra marketing arm in your business which directly results in increasing your sales opportunities and creating cash referral business.

2. The Power Of Bartercard Trade Dollars

When you barter trade using Bartercard you are ultimately buying with your cost of products or services. Therefore, you are buying at the purchasing discount that is inbuilt into your margin. To put simply, if it costs you 35c in the dollar to provide your product or service, then for every $100 trade you spend it only costs you $35. So you are buying at a 65% discount! By understanding this benefit, you may be starting to grasp the power that Bartercard offers businesses.

3. Reduce Cash Expenses

The way to maximise your purchasing discount is to look at all the current expenses that you have in your business such as advertising, bookkeeping, legal, printing, graphic design, business lunches and so on. By using the services of business members within the Bartercard network, you can pay for these expenses with Trade Dollars instead of cash. 

4. Sell Slow-Moving Stock

For many businesses selling slow-moving stock means discounting, running dealer promotions or sadly writing off the capital. The benefit with Bartercard is you can sell slow-moving or discontinued stock at the regular selling price avoiding the need to reduce your profit margins. You can promote your slow-moving inventory to the members on Bartercard’s online facilities, eNewsletter or at a stand at the many trade shows.

5. Capture Lost Revenue

Most businesses have a certain amount of downtime, be it on certain days or at certain times of the year with the flux of seasonal trends. Bartercard’s goal is to assist you in gaining additional customers to utilise business downtime. For example, hairdressers may fill empty spots in their diaries, restaurateurs may fill empty tables, hotels may fill empty rooms, and professionals may fill vacant appointments with additional Bartercard customers. By filling downtime, you are effectively gaining revenue that you would otherwise have lost or missed out on. 

6. Interest – Free Line Of Credit

Bartercard members receive an interest-free line of credit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 Trade Dollars which allows them to make purchases immediately upon joining the Bartercard network. This interest-free line of credit will enable you to continue to grow your business even during times when your cash flow has slowed down, without incurring crippling interest rates.

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