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One Light Charity Offers A Variety Of Impact Gifting That Expands The Boundaries Of Possibility When Charities Collaborate

Cash Donations

Online charitable giving raises eight times more funds annually than overall philanthropic giving. As a result, we created an easy and secure online donation process to ensure you have the best donation experience.

  • We made it easy for you to choose between One Time or Recurring donations
    Recurring donations are an easy way to help us raise funds, the amount you select will be deducted every month
  • Secure and flexible cash payment can be made with direct bank transfers, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal
  • Fully registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Always seek tax advice for your particular circumstances before making a donation.

Donating Crypto

There are many potential benefits to accepting and donating with crypto. Charities gain access to a wider audience of donors and money can be moved more easily across borders. Always seek tax advice for your particular circumstances before making a donation.

  • Once a Donor sends crypto to a charity, they can track those funds to see how the money is used
  • Donors can move money across borders
  • Transaction fees for crypto donations are significantly lower in comparison to the ones made for credit and debit card purchases.

Donating Crypto

Qoin is pushing the boundaries with smarter more secure technology, user friendly wallets and instant access to small business by consumers.

They just happen to be a digital currency.

Qoin offers participating merchants and consumers, the opportunity to donate to their favourite cause.

One Light Charity is proud to accept Qoin from Donors.

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What is a Bartercard Trade Dollar (T$)?

The power of modern bartering is that you can conserve cash and reduce expenses by using a digital currency, known as a Trade Dollar, to swap your products or services indirectly with any business within the Bartercard network.


Your Products/Services

One of the most efficient ways to give to Charity is by making an in-kind donation of products and services or gift certificates. This is a simple and tax-efficient way to contribute to a Cause but it’s often underutilised. Please click on the Donate Products Button and create your own Gift Certificate to be collected by the relevant Charity.
We will apply the donation of products and services where it is needed most or the Donor can nominate the Cause where they would like to make a difference. Here are four of the major ways that successful business people can benefit by giving products to Charitable Causes. Always seek tax advice for your particular circumstances before making a donation.

  • Building respect and a good reputation in the community.
  • Making your community a better place to live.
  • Employees respect leaders who do good.
  • Connections and networking between SME’S.
Donate Products/Services

Donate Your Time

Your time can be sold to the

Bartercard Trade Exchange,

then donate in Trade Dollars to your chosen Cause.