for agreed Causes

One Light Charity offers grants to Australian Registered Charities that provide services to combat suffering.


Campaigns with prizes

We can Partner with you to create an innovative Campaign. One Light Charity will provide the prizes and technology, minimising the risk for your Charity.


Spending Program

 Charities can save up to fifty percent on running costs.

Our sponsorship solution includes:
  • We secure a new sponsor for your group
  • In return for the sponsorship we offer you a 50% discount when you spend with any of our business partners
  • You save 50% every time you purchase for your group
  • You gain a new sponsor and save valuable funds


Rewards System

To show our gratitude to our Supporters we would like to reward them sufficiently. One Light Charity invites Charities and their Supporters to participate in our blockchain rewards system being developed. 

Associated Charities

Believers & Healers