TrustBridge Global Partnership

We are proud to announce that One Light Foundation has recently been appointed as Australian partner and representative of the leading international philanthropy network TrustBridge Global Network.

The TrustBridge head office is in Switzerland and is developing a growing network of like-minded charities and foundations in countries all over the world.

TrustBridge has given $50 million+ in grants to more than 50 countries on six continents and is the first donor-advised fund to be built from the ground up to be truly global. As a network of foundations with member offices around the world, their members professionally manage and deploy charitable giving to all corners of the world.

Their team is an exceptional group of experienced professionals that brings together world-class expertise in finance and cross-border giving. It includes bankers, tax specialists, legal experts and philanthropy advisors.

They have strategic partnerships with leading global banks and technology providers to deliver a seamless end-to-end philanthropy solution.

One Light Charity fund is now open

One Light Charity Foundation will now be part of a global charitable platform to facilitate fast, efficient, and easy giving and mission-related investing – locally or anywhere around the world. By radically lowering the cost, time and hassles of cross-border grantmaking, more resources will flow to the areas of the world that need it most.

Now that we have our charity fund open, we will be able to work together on funding the projects in Australia that donors would like to contribute to. Australian donors will have access to projects and charities outside of Australia.