Stokes Bay Bush Garden 

Two men and women standing infront of burnt property

Tony with John and Carol Stanton

While we were on our way to revisit and look at the progress of Stokesbay Community Hall after the devastating bush fires, we came across the owners and curators of the Bush Garden.

John was busy digging trenches for power cables, and Carol was wandering around the property. The Bush Garden used to be a favourite tourist attraction.

Bush Garden

Before the bush fires

Stokes Bay Bush Garden offered an easy look at a unique collection of Kangaroo Island and Australian plants in a three-hectare setting. Just four kilometres from Stokes Bay on the Stokes Bay Road. The garden offered over 150 Kangaroo Island species, 16 endemic plants, over 1,500 named plants, over 75 different Banksias, more than 45 different Dryandras, over 145 types of Grevilleas and many seasonal native Orchids. Seeds and timber crafts were available for sale. As seen on ABC Gardening Australia.

Shop selling wood items and crafts

Bush Garden shop

“The bush fires came… and in one day everything was gone. Poof… just like that. We will never be able to replace the rare species of plants that we collected over 30 years.”

Bush Garden destroyed by bush firesThey lost their original home except for one small room

They lost their beloved family home which many loving memories were made in except for one small room of a previous extension. This is where they are staying now, hoping to salvage as much as possible.

Trying to save money, John 76, wanted to rebuild their home himself but realised that the job was too big. They decided to get a builder but are unsure of when the building will commence as most builders on Kangaroo Island are flat out busy.

Significantly underinsured

Another problem that the Stanton’s and most of the other KI bush fire victims face is the fact that they are significantly underinsured.

John and Carol are devastated but staying positive & looking ahead to what it could be once again. It will regenerate & flourish however at this stage there are no intentions of reopening.

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