Paul and Carol Houston’s farm burned, and all was lost. Until her daughter found her engagement ring.

When they received the notice to evacuate, Carol Houston did not think that the Kangaroo Island bushfires would destroy their property.

She left her engagement ring on a glass holder. When they returned to their farm near Stokes Bay, they had lost everything.

Carol was devastated about her ring, which held a lot of sentimental value, but her daughter kept looking for the ring. Miraculously, there, in a heap of melted glass underneath the rubble, she found her mother’s ring.

Glass melts at 870 degrees Celsius and gold melts at 1037 degrees Celsius, meaning that the temperature inside the house during the bushfires was between those two melting points.

The rebuilding process on Kangaroo Island will take years to complete. 

We are a charity of difference as we believe one can’t understand peoples pain unless you’re in their position; hence we go out to the affected areas and personally identify the needs. 

Every member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we operate a very lean cost structure, utilising volunteer and sponsored resources. We make maximum impact investments in our communities on behalf of our donors who want to see more funds flow towards solving pressing social needs.

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Gold engagement ring set in melted glass

Gold and diamond engagement ring set in melted glass.