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Gold Coast, Australia

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Campaign Story

The Gold Coast hinterland bushfire is out of control

A bushfire at Binna Burra is burning out of control and heading to Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland.

The manager of the QFES predictive services unit, Andrew Sturgess, said the fire conditions were unprecedented in Queensland. “It is a historical event. We’ve never seen this before in recorded history. Fire weather has never been as severe, this early in Spring,” Inspector Sturgess said.

At least 11 homes are destroyed at Binna Burra, and the fire was revised to a watch and act level early this morning. Many families affected by the fires near Beechmont have evacuated to the Canungra Showgrounds. Those fires went through like a freight train, it was like a plane going past, they were moving so fast.

Authorities are also monitoring the fire in the nearby Numinbah Valley, where 101 prisoners and some staff at the women’s correctional centre were evacuated.

Fires have destroyed much of the heritage-listed Binna Burra Lodge in the Gold Coast hinterland

Binna Burra Lodge chairman Steven Noakes fought back the tears as he described the damage.

It’s a dark day in the 86-year history of Binna Burra, we have much soul-searching to do over the next few days,” he said. The level of damage at Binna Burra resort is quite extreme. The Lodge has been fully destroyed. The majority of the commercial assets, which includes:

  • accommodation
  •   units
  •  the restaurant

have also all been destroyed and there will be a significant recovery effort. We had crews in close vicinity to the Lodge last night, but they couldn’t make entry to the grounds. We’ve got huge trees falling across the roads, and it’s an incredibly dangerous situation. We’re not out of the danger zone yet because the winds are very unpredictable.


It was founded by conservationists Arthur Groom and Romeo Lahey in 1933. The pair wanted to build a place for people to stay and experience the beauty of Lamington National Park. They bought the last remaining free-hold title on the edge of the park and formed a public company to fund it.

Surrounded by Lamington National Park, the Lodge has panoramic views of the surrounding rainforest. The area is part of the World Heritage-listed Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia.

Griffith University ecologist Darryl Jones said he was devastated by the news. 

“It’s a remarkable place. It’s a rainforest. It’s a lush wet green place — how can it be burning?” Professor Jones said.

Your memories of Binna Burra Lodge

"On Friday night from Brisbane, a crowded bus, everybody singing songs"

FrancesFrances from Grange said she used to travel to the Lodge by bus in the 1960s.

"It's like losing a family member,"

Cecilia O'GradyWorked at the Lodge 1982-1986

Cecilia O’Grady worked at the Lodge between 1982 and 1986 and said she was devastated by the news of the fire. “It was such an essential part of my life, and I’ve got such brilliant memories from that time there. I feel quite emotional thinking about it, the history of the place. It’s a very spiritual place. It’s beautiful.”

"There'd be dances such as The Stomp in the big hall — it was wonderful."

Andrew from Alexandra HillsGot married there

Andrew from Alexandra Hills said he got married there 12 years ago. “It was a special place for my wife and myself. We take our kids there,” he said. “I’m just terribly sad.”

Please help to rebuild Binna Burra Lodge

Mr Noakes vowed to rebuild the Lodge but said the new design would have to reflect the changing climate. “The board and the shareholders and those that know and love Binna Burra dearly can rest assured that we will build something again on this magnificent location inside Lamington National Park.”

The One Light Guarantee

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Make a donation and Win!!

4 Photos of an island resort. Situated on South Stradbroke Island, Couran Cove Island Resort

QUEENSLAND, South Stradbroke Island
Couran Cove Island Resort

  • 7 night stay in Boardwalk Overwater Studio Apartment with King or Twin Bed configuration
  • including great resort facilities,
  • daily transport to/from the spectacular beach
  • with views looking back towards Gold Coast for 2

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  • Binna Burra Lodge rebuild team

    We’d like to introduce the Binna Burra Lodge rebuild team!

    They have kindly been donated a temporary office space with special thanks to Headmasters Café and the Old School Beechmont. It is here that the Binna Burra Lodge story will be resumed. Watch this Campaign closely for updates.

    Group of men and women gathered infront of whiteboard making plans to rebuild Binna Burra Lodge

    Rebuilding Binna Burra Lodge


  • Support from the Bartercard community and it’s charitable arm (The One Light Charity Foundation)

    “Wow, I cannot even begin to express our appreciation for your kind offer. It really is heartbreaking but the generosity from the community and companies like yourself has really kept us going these last few days.

    I will be in touch when we know more about what we are needing.

    Thanks so much.

    Kind regards,”

    Tilsa Pitcher
    Administration Manager
    Personal Assistant to the General Manager

    Binna Burra Lodge

  • Joy amid a devastating time

    Group of people looking joyful after discovering the historic Binna Burra Lodge locomotive bell

    Within the rubble, the historic dinner bell was recovered.

    A beautiful photo capturing joy amid a devastating time.

    At the site within the rubble, the historic dinner bell was recovered. An iconic sound for the lodge.
    This was delivered to Binna Burra Director Jo Weir and the Binna Burra Board who were elated to see a small part of the historic lodge.
    ???? Binna Burra Bell was from one of Lahey’s Shay Locomotives from Canungra according to Robert K Morgans history of Lahey’s Canungra Tramway published in 1975.
    ???? A BIG shout out to the small businesses and community Donors who donated $12000 in just 2 days. Please be part of history and help to rebuild the historical Binna Burra Lodge. To show our gratitude for your support, every $50 that you donate will give you a chance to win a 7-day Couran Cove holiday for 2 people. But hurry this offer ends on the 30th of September.

  • The Bushfire Before And After Photos

    The Gold Coast hinterland bushfire Before and After Photos of heritage listed Binna Burra Lodge destroyed on the 8th of September 2019

    The Bushfire: Before And After Photos of Binna Burra Lodge.

    Devastating Before And After Photos of the heritage-listed Binna Burra Lodge driveway.

    The Lodge welcomed guests since the 1930s and was destroyed in the 8th of September bush fire.
    The Bartercard Australia small business members and it’s charitable arm One Light Charity Foundation, offered the Binna Burra team to raise funds for a long list of rebuild and restoration tasks.
    To show our gratitude for your support we will enter every $50 donation in a prize draw to win a 7-night holiday for 2 people at Couran Cove.
    Please share this Campaign

  • Visiting the Binna Burra site

    Young woman and older man standing at the Binna Burra site after it was destroyed by the bushfires

    Reset. Reimagine. Recreate.

    After the devastating bushfires, Binna Burra Lodge will take a couple of months to get back into operations. Entry to Binna Burra Lodge will be restricted at least until the end of November 2019. No public access.

    Steve Noakes chairman of Binna Burra Lodge took time out of his busy schedule to meet with Cara from One Light Charity. Steve shared exciting news and plans about recreating the site and adding a new Qld Tourism Adventure Experience at Binna Burra.


  • Campaign Prize Winner- $2000


    The winner was drawn by Chairman Steve Noakes of the Binna Burra Lodge via a live video at the site. And the winner of a seven-night Couran Cove Island holiday is Rick Dawson from CSPrinting. Rick was very excited about the news and hoped to go ASAP.

    Image of a South Stradbroke Island 7-night Holiday-Package voucher with 4 photos showing off the island , accommodation and activities.

    Sponsored Prize

  • Meeting with Binna Burra 14/10/19 - $17 850

    3 Women and a young man in an office standing infront Bartercard banners.

    Sarah, Tilsa, Leighton and Cara

    “Those that know and love Binna Burra dearly can rest assured that we will build something again on this magnificent location inside Lamington National Park.” – Chairman Steve Noakes

    Cara from One Light and Sarah from Bartercard Australia having a meeting with Tilsa and Leighton of Binna Burra to discover ways to help Binna Burra Lodge with the rebuild of the site and their upcoming fundraising event in December.

  • Reflection Benches $2700

    We are all so proud of Binna Burra Lodge’s bushfire recovery. To celebrate the re-opening of the Lodge, One Light and our Bartercard Australia and Qoin donors donated three locally hand-made “reflection” benches. Thank you Binna Burra’s Steve Noakes and One Light’s Cara-Lee Martens for your efforts to make this possible. A BIG shout out to local small business, Oak&Iron for making these recycled hardwood benches for generations to come.

    Wood bench donated by One L Charity

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