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Picture of the Gold Coast

One Light recently attended a Mayor’s Breakfast presentation of the NAYBA Impact Audit of the City of Gold Coast.

“The unsung heroes of our communities are the many thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly to provide essential support and services for all in our communities, especially our most vulnerable. But, without these fantastic volunteers, many of these services would cease to operate.” – Rutland Smith, Chairperson of the Gold Coast Community Fund.

The NAYBA Impact Audit (NIA) has locations globally and measures the collective social impact given by a large and diverse group of organisations. The result of each community is expressed as a monetary value each year.

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s largest cities by population. It is also a place of increasing cultural diversity, economic opportunity and wide-ranging social issues exacerbated by the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

So much good work is taking place across the region, including significant intra- and inter-faith collaboration.

Two ladies standing behind One Light Charity backpacks

Delivering backpacks for the homeless to the Salvation Army

NAYBA Results

The NAYBA Gold Coast Audit included the following results:

  • 124 survey responses
  • 206 community services addressing 13 of the most significant social issues
  • 350 000+ unique beneficiaries over the last year – 57% of the Gold Coast population
  • $43 million in social impact value annually

The top three social issues are:

  1. Social isolation and loneliness
  2. Mental health
  3. Financial & food insecurity

This report offers a conservative yet deeply inspiring snapshot of work being done by volunteers who have a huge heart for the city and its people. This is evident by the number of services that seek to address current challenges

– from social isolation and domestic violence to environmental disasters and the rising cost of living

– and the ongoing commitment to critical groups in the community, including youth, families, and people living with a disability.

Key takeaways to support communities

  • Healing hearts and minds
Two ladies standing infront of boxes with wrapped Christmas gifts

Christmas Hamper gifts donated to Global Spirited Women Australia Inc.

Mental health conditions isolate people; it is crucial to create safe communities for people to reengage with the world around them.

One of the keys to healing from trauma is helping people to realise they’re not alone and helping them to connect and build a healthy community.

  • Ending the Scourge
4 women showing dresses in a clothing shop

Designer clothes donated to victims of domestic violence

More than 2.2 million Australians have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from a partner, and 3.6 million reported emotional abuse.

The issue of domestic violence is a scourge. It devastates people in our community, often disproportionally affecting the most vulnerable and marginalised. However, by working together, we can contribute more to address the problem – and ultimately see individuals, families and our community thrive.

  • Serving together
Two women wearing black and white holding four One Light Charity Foundation makeover certificates

Job interview make-over certificates for the unemployed

COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill and created a lot of fear. Every day people are struggling. The cost of housing is rising. Many families that can’t make ends meet don’t qualify for Centrelink because they have a job… but then they’ve got five kids in the house to feed.

  • Valuing every life
Younger man standing with older man holding two small boxes

Supporting Men’s Sheds

When vulnerability and isolation is the problem, a loving community can be the cure.

As the cost of living and other social pressures threaten to isolate people further and cause hardship to those already doing it tough, care providers should keep moving in the opposite direction: reinforcing relationships and strengthening the sense that people are not alone.

  • Mates helping mates
One Light volunteers Anthoni and Rob

Delivering cleaning products to flood victims

The floods of 2022 hit entire communities from southeast Queensland through to Sydney and recently Victoria, leaving widespread disaster. Flood victims were soaked, muddy, and devastated – walking into evacuation centres with absolutely nothing left.

Collage of One Light volunteers helping

Flood victim clean-up

An army of volunteers helped provide water, food, clothes, clean-up support, and more.

Community barbecues helped people to reconnect with each other and start to recover emotionally.

Statements of support

Thankfully the rising tide of need is mirrored by the swelling ranks of charities, faith groups and volunteers.

Mayor Tom Tate/Gold Coast City Council

” The Gold Coast is truly blessed to be served by a broad network of faith-based organisations. These groups do an incredible job daily supporting visitors and residents through their programs and resources; selfless volunteers freely give so much. We congratulate the NAYBA team for this great report and the benefit it will bring to our city.”

Ree Ali/President, Multifaith Advisory & Action Group

” It is no secret that people of faith have contributed to the community for centuries, providing much-needed support during natural disasters, war, famine, and local support groups. To be able to convert this work into dollars brings home the enormous value of the efforts of our different faith groups.”

Craig Hanlon/ Chief Superintendent Queensland Police Service

“Partnerships strengthen the social, emotional, mental, and physical well-being of everyone in our community. Only when working in partnership can we all make the Gold Coast our special place to live and raise our families.”


In the end, it seems that it will need to be the kindness of Businesses and their philanthropic leaders, coupled with passionate not-for-profit volunteers, that will need to step up.

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