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Backpack Campaign

by Onelight

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Campaign Story

Free backpacks to the homeless and families suffering from Domestic Violence.

Creating backpacks

We pack our backpacks carefully and donate it to people who do not have a permanent home.

Emergency backpacks

We pack and donate emergency backpacks to women, babies and children. Family violence forces them to leave their homes at short notice.

Items inside the bags include toiletries, sanitary products, books, toys and clothing.

There are 85,000 homeless women who need your help. Many have fled domestic violence or experienced extreme poverty. We want to make them feel special. By donating just $50 you can help. It’s simple and it makes a big difference in someone’s life. We offer a variety of ways for you to donate. You can donate products, cash, trade and crypto.

Backpacks for children

Most children who escape domestic violence relationships are scared and vulnerable. Sometimes, they have to leave their belongings behind. In the children’s bags, we include toys, activities and clothes. Receiving a backpack give them a sense of belonging. They don’t have to give it away.

We hope the bags will make it easier for women to leave violent homes. Please read our blog why a good education is essential to change and heal our World.

Backpacks for children

Backpacks for the street

Building a backpack

Our Charity carefully selects items and pack emergency backpacks for men, women, babies and children who probably don’t have a permanent home.

  • It means they are not able to prepare food regularly.
  • Don’t sleep in the same place for very long.
  • They don’t have any safe place to store their belongings because they are possibly living and sleeping outside.
  • We take into account that they may have to carry all or most of their belongings on their back.

They may not have ways to get back to anything they have stored once they move on. These conditions and the seasons define the items which are useful to them and things which generally are not. We personalise his and hers backpacks and choose age-appropriate items for babies, toddlers and older children.

Our story:

Recently we handed out a few backpacks at a community feed. Read more about us and the causes that we support.

It was very humbling to experience the gratitude and to see how faces lit up when rough sleepers received a backpack. Unfortunately, we were unable to gift everyone on that night with a backpack. But we committed that the backpack Campaign will not stop and that we will continue to change lives, one bag at a time.

Someone cares

Getting a backpack gives a little encouragement. It sends a message that someone cares. A small gift that can make a big difference to someone who is going through a rough patch.

The backpacks themselves are one of the most valued items of the gift to our fellow travellers. They become homes for people who are constantly on the move.

$50 = 1 Backpack

Top needs of the homeless

Former homeless people have opened up about what those things are, and we have shared some of the standout ways to help below.

  • Footwear Socks.
  • Sanitary products Tampons/pads are expensive, and often overlooked in donations.
  • Bathroom products such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant are toiletries many of us take for granted.
  • Dental hygiene essentials.
  • Packs of everyday underwear.
  • All-weather blankets, or blankets made of wool or fleece.
  • Notebooks, pencils, erasers and pencil case.

"Thanks the One Light Charity Foundation - their backpack gifts made a difference this week to some of our clientele"

Sharyn WatsonThe Movement
Image of a black backpack with clothing and personal hygiene items on display for the One Light Charity backpack Campaign for the homeless.

Items for homeless backpacks.

Self-respect is probably the most important gift we can give. This means no junk in our packs. While they have to be inexpensively, it’s essential to take time to find and choose the best quality items we can afford, things which will not break, which will do their job and not disappoint.

  • A few specific clothing items – watch caps, gloves, socks, etc.
  • Survival gear – duct tape, emergency ‘space’ blankets, hand warmers, etc.
  • Hygiene items – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hairbrush, etc.
  • Food – eating utensils, cans of food, power bars, bottled water, etc.

Thank You We Are Grateful For Your Support.

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