It is with tremendous gratitude that One Light Charity Foundation Limited “OLC”, a registered Australian charity, can today announce that almost $200,000 has been raised for bushfire victims.

OLC partnered with TrustBridge Global Foundation

OLC partnered with TrustBridge Global Foundation “TGF”, a Swiss donor-advised foundation with Network member offices around the world. TGF agreed to run the “Australia Burning” campaign with its Member in the USA. Their Network member, National Christian Foundation “NCF” immediately agreed to share the campaign with their thousands of donor families across the United States. Many givers responded swiftly to the call and within two weeks, approximately $100,000 has been granted to the cause.

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Life-changing impact

Australian born Paul Bolte, Executive Vice President of TGF said: “I grew up on a farm in rural New South Wales and immediately felt deep compassion for the farmers and animals when One Light Charity approached us. I wanted to help Australia and was relieved when my colleagues agreed to participate in this great cause”.

Bob Collins, the CEO and Global Managing Director of TGF said he was devastated when he saw the scale of the damage. “Australia was truly burning, and I have a close relationship with our USA member NCF and knew they are generous givers”, Mr Collins said.

Tricia Collins, Vice President of Philanthropy and Giver Services of TGF who completed due diligence on One Light. Mrs Collins stated: “I was satisfied with their record and plan to distribute the funds to the frontlines of the damage and destruction”.

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"We salute them for their efforts to help Australia from such a distance"

Lee Geldenhuys, director of OLC said: “We are most grateful for this answer to our prayers.

TrustBridge Global and the network of generous givers at NCF have made a life-changing impact on many lives in Australia. I salute them for their efforts to help Australia from such a distance.”

Please see the amazing campaign and photos from NCF here:

Image of Fire truck racing towards bushfires in the distance

Thank You

We would also like to thank:

  • Brad Shephard created the NCF campaign.
  • Farmer From Down Under for the campaign photos.
  • The many Bartercard members graciously donated over R72,000 plus products and water to the Fire and Water campaign in Australia.

We will be keeping you informed of the frontline grants over social media and regular updates on the OLC Fire and Water campaign.

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