One Light Charity is the official Charity of a network with 20 000
Businesses across four countries.

We optimise technology to operate a very lean cost structure, utilising volunteer and sponsored resources. Shared office space allows us to minimise costs to enable a larger percentage of funding to reach the Cause.

Our strategic priorities are:
  • High social impact investment
  • To combat extreme suffering in the communities we live in
  • To manage and advice Donor funds efficiently
  • To unite charities on agreed common Causes

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Donors are the foundation of any Charity. One Light Charity creates a secure and easy way to donate cash, crypto, products and services. Ensuring your donation is efficiently applied where it is needed most.

One Light Charity operates a Donor Advisory Fund for substantial Donors and Foundations for personalised impact investing.

Our strategic priorities are:
  • Maximum social impact and return on investment
  • Transparency, updates and audited reports on Campaigns and Grants
  • Secure and flexible gifting of cash, crypto, products and services
  • Personal Donor Advisory service
  • Fully registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status
  • Donors can nominate the Cause where they would like to make a difference

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There are more Charities than ever, competing to serve the same Causes. Our model of Sustainable Fundraising and Donor Advisory enables Charities to focus on their Causes.

Our strategic priorities are:
  • Grants to Charities for agreed Causes
  • Joint Campaigns and providing prizes/raffles and auction items
  • Subsidy Spending Program, saving Charities up to fifty percent on running costs
  • To create a blockchain rewards system for Charities and their supporters



Proudly Australian we believe “Charity starts at home.” Identifying and meeting individual needs in each local Community – City – State – Country.

Our strategic priorities are:
  • Offering Grants to individuals in need
  • Applicants are accepted through the year
  • Maximum social impact
  • Awarding up to six Bond Scholarships every year
  • Collaborating with other Colleges and Universities to offer more Scholarships

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