A Christmas Message From Violet’s Family

Last Year, Violet, her mum Clem and Jane, the President of Violet’s Ear To Hear charity, visited us at the Qoin office. The live interview on QDN created a lot of interest and support for Violet’s ear construction.

Behind the scenes interview with group of women and toddler

Cara interviews donor Paula Brand, Violet’s mum Clem and Jane, President of Violet’s Ear to Hear Charity.

We received a beautiful Christmas card and an update from Violet’s Family regarding her ear surgery with Dr Reinisch in mid-2023.

Dr Reinisch, the Director of Craniofacial and Paediatric Plastic Surgery at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, founded the Medpor polyethylene ear construction method thirty years ago, and continues to innovate it.

Unfortunately, and unexpectedly, following ear scans, Violet was not a candidate for ear canal creation surgery due to insufficient middle ear bones. Instead she will have the most cutting edge, high technology bone conduction hearing devices, Osia 2, surgically anchored to both sides of her skull, during the same surgery as her right outer ear, construction. This is not available to Violet in Australia.

The Osia is unique as it has an electromagnetic transducer and converts sounds to digital signals which do not need to cross the skull structure. Compared with other devices, the Osia provides more powerful hearing especially in noisy environments and allows improved hearing of higher frequency sounds such as consonants which give the meaning to speech.

Little girl standing infant of Christmas tree

A great outcome for our princess Violet and a BIG thank you to; the Qoin and Bartercard community, staff, and Paula Brand from Small Business Expo who donated much-needed funds and support for Violet’s Ear To Hear.
Please read more about Violet and her brave family here