Twenty-two-thousand households are affected directly by floodwater, At least 9,000 homes are still without power, with extra crews being brought in to speed up repairs.

Monsoon wreaks havoc in Townsville.

Since the monsoon began about nine days ago, more than one metre of rain has fallen, over  half a metre of rain fell in just six hours.

This monsoon was unique and that was why it was causing so much damage.

Typically a monsoon trough might be stationary for a day or two and then head up or down the coast but this one has been exceptionally stagnant for the past week and has been dumping rain in pretty much the same areas.


Emergency crews are stretched to the limit in flood-hit Townsville, with hundreds of people still waiting for help, more than 300 people remain in evacuation centres.

Crocodiles have been spotted in suburban streets, and the water is teeming with snakes.

Schools and the airport are closed, but with days of more rain ahead, the crisis is far from over.

Townsville flood clean-up fundraising campaign.

The true scale of the clean-up across north Queensland is becoming apparent as severe weather conditions ease in flood-ravaged Townsville.  It will take authorities days to assess the damage to properties.

Of the 1,500 homes assessed so far, 738 are severely damaged and 252 are completely uninhabitable.

Our goals is to raise $10,000 to assist flood affected victims in the Townsville and surrounding area.

Proceeds will be donated to charities working in the Townsville area. Follow us on Facebook for reqular updates: onelightcharity


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All donations welcome

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Donate Bartercard Trade Dollars

Our goals is to raise $200,000 Bartercard Trade Dollars to assist flood affected victims in the Townsville and surrounding area.