We Accept And Make Donations

With Products/Services

One Light Charity Created A Secure And Easy Way For Our Donors To Donate Products And Services. Our Donors Can Choose The Cause, Or We Will Apply The Donation Of Products Where It Is Needed Most


We are blessed by the generosity of individuals, community groups and businesses who kindly show how much they care by donating products and services.


New products that will make life a little easier for victims of homelessness, domestic violence and extreme poverty.

  • white goods,
  • furniture,
  • blankets
  • beanies,
  • blankets
  • socks,
  • hygiene products
  • personal hygiene products
  • backpacks
  • travel pouches
  • first aid kits
  • towels
  • gift cards and voucher


We are always seeking valuable support from skilled professionals and businesses in the form of services.

  • handyman services
  • hairdressing and barber services
  • volunteering
  • transport and courier services

Thank You! On behalf of all our Partner Charities, we are deeply grateful for your support, generosity and donations.

How to Donate Products

Australians have shown themselves to be among the most generous donors in the world, with a deep sense of caring and wanting to make a contribution. We made it so easy to donate products and services. Just follow these steps.

  1. Please complete the Product Donation Certificate.
  2. Provide a detailed description of the product.
  3. Give estimated value of the donation.
  4. Attach a good quality photo of the product.
  5. Send.
  6. We will contact you.

Need Help?

If you need any help with the donation process of products or services please phone us or send an email to info@onelightcharity.com