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The ongoing domestic violence is damaging to everyone

by OneLightCharity Foundation

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Campaign Story

The ongoing domestic violence is damaging to everyone

An abuser believes that they have an inherent claim to power.

 One Light Charity Foundation believes that only when power is used to enhance someone else’s freedom, it is used well. We pursue a culture in which women’s contributions are of equal value. Everyone should seek a world that actively embraces the voices of women. The development of women’s talents should be encouraged.

Marriage or relationships are not meant to cause suffering and enduring persistent abuse, and it does not lead to anything beneficial.

Break the cycle

If you’re in an abusive relationship, you might recognize this cycle:

  • Your abuser threatens/violence.
  • Your abuser strikes.
  • Your abuser apologizes, promises to change, and offers gifts.
  • The cycle repeats itself.

Typically the violence becomes more frequent and severe over time.

The longer you wait, the greater the physical and emotional damage. You might become depressed and anxious or begin to question your worth. You might feel helpless or paralyzed.

Create a safety plan

Leaving an abuser can be fatal. Consider taking these precautions:

  • Call a women’s shelter or domestic violence hotline for advice. Use phones cautiously — the abuse might intercept calls and listen to your conversations — or from a secure location.
  • Use your home computer cautiously.
  • Pack an emergency bag that includes items you’ll need when you leave, such as extra clothes and keys. Leave the bag in a safe place. Keep important personal papers, money, and prescription medications handy so that you can take them with you on short notice.
  • Know precisely where you’ll go and plan how to get there.

one Light Charity house of change project

The fear of being homeless

The experience of homelessness and domestic violence severely impacts health, education, and well-being. These impacts include higher rates of anxiety, poor nutrition, isolation, emotional, mental, and physical problems. In addition, it affects parents’ ability to provide appropriate support to their children. Prolonged homelessness makes it extremely difficult for families to regain stability.

The House of Change project is exactly what it says… victims come in one way but leave in another. Not only will we accommodate, feed and offer immediate relief, but we will counsel, educate, empower and endeavour to have the residents return as soon as possible back into society.

  • $10 000 - Esther Foundation Clothing Donation

    4 women showing dresses in a clothing shop

    The Foundation is currently providing residential accommodation for approximately 30 young women, mothers and their children. Esther Boutique is intentionally situated within the Cafe and allows for a relaxing browse while waiting for your coffee and meal to arrive. All Boutique items have been graciously donated

    “One of the ways we support the work that we do is through our Social Enterprise; The Esther Cafe and Boutique. We have been focused on getting our Cafe set and now we are moving into the next phase of growing the Boutique, which is where the support you are offering is greatly needed and appreciated. So again, thank you.” Aaron Hines CEO


  • Delivering school shoes to a worthy cause

    Donating school shoes in yellow boxes

    With Deb Olsen Program Manager and the ACT for kids team.

    The school shoes will be used in their Early Education Program. Act for Kids is a for-purpose organisation that delivers evidence-led professional therapy and support services to children and families who have experienced or are at risk of harm.

  • Let's go back to school

    Two ladies standing infront of school shoes in yellow boxes

    One Light volunteer Cara with Major Petra Dorman from The Salvation Army Australia

    One Light donated more school shoes and would like to wish all students an exciting year full of fun and learning.


  • 14 March $10 000 clothing donation

    10 Boxes with clothing

    More clothing has been delivered to Michelle Dunlop The Esher Foundation  in Perth and another Bartercard member paid for the freight as a donation to the charity.

  • United For Change

    Auction prizes donated:

    1.Hearts of Purple

    Auction prize a tasmania travel voucher

    2.Allison Bayden Clay Foundation

    Auction prize travel gift voucher

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