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Campaign Story

Human-animal bond

One Light Charity promotes the human-animal bond and supports Registered Charities and projects who:

  • protect street animals and pets,
  • support farm animal welfare,
  • stop wildlife abuse,
  • eliminate painful animal testing,
  • respond to natural disasters
  • confront cruelty to animals in all of its forms.

    Did you know that you can nominate any one of these options at the Donation checkout page in the message box? 

Natural Disasters

Kangaroo infront of burned trees

Effects of Natural Disasters on Wildlife

People generally presume that wildlife has the ability to survive most disasters; somehow, they can survive on their own. While the wildlife of Australia is well adapted to the environments they inhabit, they still often become victims during disasters. Directly through injury or indirectly through loss of food and shelter.

Wildlife is prone to the winds of a cyclone and the flames of a bushfire as any other animal. More so because the habitat upon which they rely for food and shelter is also often destroyed. Read more 

Over 350 koalas have perished in NSW fires so far.

Wildlife Wishlist:
⭐️Wombaroo Formulas (All Species).
⭐️Good quality Bird Food
⭐️Di- Vetalact
⭐️Macropod Pellets
⭐️Wombaroo Impact
⭐️Vetafarm Spark Liquid & Critta Care
⭐️Lectade Oral Hydration
⭐️Syringes & Saline
⭐️Feeding Bottles & Teats
⭐️General Medical Supplies
⭐️Baby Wipes (great for baby wildlife!)
⭐️Paw Paw Ointment
⭐️Sorbolene & Pure Vitamin E Cream
⭐️Bat Wraps & Pouches

We accept and make donations with cash, trade, crypto, products and services.

Cruelty to animals

Zambi Wildlife Retreat will become Australia’s first and only animal welfare establishment that can Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home and offer Shelter to a wide range of species

While their focus will be on exotic animals needing retirement from zoo breeding programs, circus and private ownership, they will also provide care and shelter to domestics, farm animals and native wildlife.

Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, safety and dignity to all animals in their care.

The directors come from a wealth of knowledge within the animal industry and operating domestic and international successful businesses. This solid foundation of business and industry knowledge plus a determination to fulfil a lifelong dream has seen the charity grow from strength to strength, operating now from a 50-acre property in Western Sydney.

Stop wildlife abuse

Painted dog conservation incorporated (Australia) is a non-profit organisation, established in October 2003. 

Painted Dog Conservation Inc. has a strong commitment to community development and conservation education. They rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organisations alike to continue their work.  They provide support to projects in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Representing an evolutionary line that is unique to Africa, painted dogs are amongst this ravaged continents most endangered species. It is estimated that a mere 3,000 remain in the wild -many in small, non-viable, isolated populations.

Also known as the painted wolf, African Wild Dog and Cape Hunting Dog. Red-Listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

John and Angela Lemon of Painted Dog Conservation Inc are thrilled to be representing PDC Inc in the “One Fight. Unite. campaign – which is run by RAGES ( Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species)

Man kneeling down with an injured Cape Hunting dog.

John Lemon of PDC Inc.

Dr Jane Goodall is the Patron of RAGES. One Fight. Unite. is a global movement that is raising awareness by uniting communities, groups and individuals together in a single unified voice. It is currently running the “Say No” campaign -whereby people all over the world taking the pledge to make a difference are signing the “Tears of the Rhino” artwork by Perth Artist Paula Weigmink.

Visit the One Fight Unite Campaign

The Kevin Richardson Foundation 

PDC Inc held three exclusive fundraising events across Australia in 2019 with special guest Kevin Richardson-the lion whisperer.

Their fundraising Campaign, as featured on “Weekend Sunrise” by their Patron, Simon Reeve, was fundraising to assist Kevin Richardson to transport two abused lion cub brothers from Madrid to South Africa.

Three men and a woman standing infront of a picture of a leopard

Kevin Richards, John and Angela Lemon and Simon Reeves

These cubs were being kept on a poor diet to keep them small and were being used to earn income through photographs with tourists. CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting) discovered the cubs, arranged confiscation through appropriate Wildlife Authorities

Kevin’s facility was named as the most appropriate “forever home” for the two cubs.

PDC Inc was able to raise $11,000 towards this campaign, and also name the two boys “George and Yame”

Not only have they now arrived safely at Kevin’s Sanctuary, but they will continue to be ambassador animals for the anti-cub petting and canned hunting campaigns.

Picture of two lion cubs.

George and Yame

PDC Inc is pleased to announce that their activities are now endorsed by sir Richard Branson.

Signature of sir Richard Branson

We accept and make donations with cash, trade, crypto, products and services.

  • A big thank you to the Bartercard Small business network for donating auction Prizes to the Painted Dog Event on the Gold Coast.
  • A big thank you to Moditlo River Lodge for donating a Safari package to Zambi to be auctioned at their Charity Barbecue Lunch 13th October 2019.
  • Thank you Bartercard Australia for your donation to Zambi.

Because of your generous support we were able to make more donations. Please follow our Campaign updates.

  • Zambi Charity BBQ Lunch - $12500

    Sunday 13th October

    We had a marvellous time at the Zambi Wildlife Retreat Charity BBQ lunch. Thanks so much for inviting us and for the fantastic work that you are doing with the animals. It was great connecting with everyone involved.


    Older woman in safari hat and clothes standing infront of a tv screen with logo's of Bartercard and One Light Charity

    Donna Wilson
    Operations Manager

    Grant – 07 Sept 2020 $12000

    The main sponsor for the Meerkat Enclosure to rehabilitate endangered meerkats.


  • Painted Dog Conservation Fundraising Dinner - $1200

    Painted Dog Conservation Inc. arrived safe and sound on the Gold Coast on the second leg of their Fundraising tour with special guest Kevin Richardson.

    Image of two men standing with their luggage at airport carousel.

    Kevin Richardson and John Lemon

    Cara-lee thoroughly enjoyed the night with Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer from South Africa.

    Cara from One Light Charity Foundation standing next to Kevin Richards, the lion whisperer from South Africa

    The Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richards.

    “Whilst enjoying a 3-course meal and drinks, we heard all about the latest achievements from Painted Dog Conservation Inc. The guest speaker, Kevin Richardson gave us an update about the fight against canned hunting and other news. He walked us through the chapters of his life which included how he fell in love with the lions and how he came to understand the dark side of the tourism trade in South Africa. He could no longer stay ignorant about the issue and felt a strong urge to help the lions and be a voice to the voiceless. His commitment to the lions is truly admirable.

    He left us with 6 lessons from his journey:

    1. Resilience
    2. Conviction
    3. Courage
    4. Respect
    5. Humility
    6. Optimism

    The night then moved into the auctioning section. It was exciting to be a part of an auction of beautiful paintings and pieces made from local Africans. Special MC for the night was none other than Patron Simon Reeve. I purchased a wonderful painting of a Giraffe that will serve as a memento of this eye-opening night.

    Thank you to our donors for your support.”

    Image of One Light Charity Prize Certificates to be auctioned at a fundraising event.

    Prizes donated by our members.


  • 360 Koalas perished in NSW fires.

    Man hugging a koala


    When it comes to fires, koalas are probably their own worst enemy.

    Their natural instinct tells them to go to the top of the tree and that’s where the heat is.
    Even if by some miracle the koala escapes the heat at the top, when they come back down they’re going to walk across hot coals. So it’s a very difficult and painful process for them.

    With the koala population already under threat from chlamydia and a reduction in habitat, the McLeods are not optimistic for the animal’s future.
    It couldn’t have been more traumatic to see the koala habitat destroyed by fire.
    This fire’s gone through the main koala habitat area, so we’re expecting large numbers of koalas to come out of here.

    “We expect it to be quite devastating for our koala population in Hillville and Tinonee area.
    Infection is the main risk for the koala. You’ve got a dirty environment and it’s important that you get them all clean.”

    Paul and Christeen McLeod are sharing their home on the New South Wales mid-north coast with 24 koalas.

    The couple has been running a welfare refuge for koalas in Taree since 1993 and has spent the past few days desperately trying to save as many of the marsupials as they can.

    As ferocious bushfires raged through their local community, the McLeods began preparing a makeshift emergency room in anticipation of an influx of furry patients. Many have arrived at their operation, Koalas In Care suffering severe burns to their bodies, undergoing careful treatment by the couple that involves cleaning off soot and applying the cream.

    An adult male rescued in the wake of the Hillville fires on Sunday arrived at the couple’s home in a bad state.

    “This poor fellow has been in the thick of it all,” Ms McLeod said.

  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

    Meet Jalu.

    Jalu the Koala has been rescued from a burnt-out tree in Wardell, NSW and then transported immediately to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

    After being admitted to the hospital smelling like smoke, Jalu received an immediate workup which included x-rays, ultrasounds and blood.

    Upon initial examination, Jalu was suffering from burnt feet, singed fur and may also have pneumonia.

    Koalas are very expensive to care for (approx. $7000 per koala) and we rely on the generosity of the public to treat, rehabilitate and then release wild koalas.

    The recent bushfires have been devastating to wildlife and the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is appreciative to the wildlife groups and volunteers who have been assisting during this crisis.

    The Sad Facts:

    • Current hospital admissions are up by 8% with 2 months left in the calendar year, last year we admitted nearly 11,500 wildlife animals.
    • Koala admissions have increased 22% to date with previous year admissions of 477 up from 27 in 2008.
    • Nearly 200 additional admissions during the first round of bushfires, the increased admission of wildlife will continue to increase over the next 6-12 months as animals return to their devastated homes and seek food, limited shelter and try to remain healthy as they recover.

    The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation proudly supports the Wildlife Hospital located within the grounds of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The Foundation was created to secure the future of Australia’s wildlife directly funding vital work treating, rehabilitating and releasing sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife.

    The Hospital has grown to be one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world, admitting over 11,500+ animals a year – a service that is provided free of charge to the community. The skilled and experienced veterinary team, supported by volunteers, prides itself in providing the highest level of veterinary care to all of their patients. Our patients come from a 2-hour radius of Northern NSW to beyond Brisbane which provides an enormous resource to the area.
    Whilst the Qld State Government and the Gold Coast City Council provide some grant money each year they are largely self-funded.  As a result, it is the role of the Foundation to seek funding in a variety of ways to allow the team to expand on their amazing work.
    One Light Charity reached out to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital on your behalf. Because of your support and generosity, we were able to make a donation to them.

    Thank you!



  • Wonders of Wildlife Fundraising Cocktail - $2000

    Because of your support and generosity, we were able to donate a Sanctuary Palms Luxury Accommodation Package to The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation.
    The Sanctuary Palms is recognised as one of the best couples Sanctuary’s in New Zealand and was auctioned at the Currumbin’s Wonders of Wildlife spectacular cocktail evening.

    Thank You!

    Collage image of 5 pictures of luxury holiday accommodation at Bay of Islands, Sanctuary Palms.

    Sanctuary Palms, New Zealand.

  • $12000 Zambi Meerkat Sanctuary Sponsorship and naming rights

    One Light sponsored Jasmine Meerkat

    Qoincat Jasmine

    Jasmine and Daisy arrived at Zambi a week ago and are still settling into their new forever home.
    Many times meerkats can fall out of a sustained group, become targets and then get picked on. This is sadly evident, with small scars, which can be seen on both girls.
    The zoo staff will separate animals, that may get seriously injured, for their own safety.

    Our new, incredible meerkat exhibit was completed a few months ago in preparation for any animals that needed a home and these cuties are the first arrivals.

    OneLight sponsored meerkat

    Qoincat Daisy

  • Dogtober - Donation T$5000

    Black Guide Dog

    For more than 60 years, Guide dogs for the Blind Association of Queensland have enabled a lifetime of independence, participation, inclusion and wellbeing for people with vision loss and their families.It costs over $50,000 to breed, raise and train a Guide Dog, and a Therapy Dog goes through the majority of this training process.

  • Zambi Wildlife Gala Dinner

    We donated this fantastic Tasmania travel package to the Zambi Wildlife Retreat gala dinner.
    We would also like to thank the kind owners of Cambridge Riversdale Estate, Bartercard Australia and Greg Smith online content Manager.
    Greg helped source this beautiful five-night destination prize, situated in the Coal River Valley. Collage of holiday accommodation on wine estate

    Gala Dinner Invitation

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