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Gold Coast, Australia

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House Of Change

Community Project

Lobby with grace written on the wall


Many people find it difficult to believe that there are homeless families in our Australian communities. Yes, we are the lucky country and there is government support and housing for the poor, needy and homeless, but support and solutions are hardly available due to the applications and paperwork involved to help the destitute immediately. It usually takes months for the government to settle the destitute into accommodation.

Staying with family and friends

“I had spent periods of my life bouncing between people’s floors and sofas…even when I was in recovery and had a baby. Having stuff everywhere and no-where, and no place that you can relax and be, feeling like you’re imposing, in the way, or overstaying your welcome, is damaging to your sense of identity and security.”

Often, family members or friends live in small council properties and do not have extra rooms or space for anyone else to live. The only area would be sleeping on a sofa, which is itself a form of homelessness. Not having a stable address is a barrier to many things necessary to stability and progression, such as registering with a GP, getting a bank account and finding work; it also harms mental wellbeing.

Moving people from the streets and onto sofas would be transferring them from one type of homelessness (rough sleeping) to another (sofa surfing). People need homes.

The question that we need to ask is: “Why are you homeless”

The solution we’re offering is for those in dire need. Victims of domestic violence, abuse and sudden illness. Someone who, if they don’t immediately have refuge, medical care, food and protection, could risk dying.

The House of Change project is exactly what it says… residents come in one way but leave in another. Not only will we accommodate, feed and offer immediate relief, but we will counsel, educate, empower and endeavour to have the residents return as soon as possible back into society. The House of change residents will be equipped, employed and capable of leading an everyday life.

At One Light Charity, we have an ethos, a mandate and a vision to bring lasting and sustainable change; hence our causes of homelessness, domestic violence, extreme poverty, medical assistance, education and disaster relief are appropriate to this Campaign.

Impact on families

Homelessness has a devastating impact on families causing instability and insecurity. Couples with children report eviction of their previous accommodation ending, followed by financial difficulty as their main reasons for seeking assistance from homeless assistance services.

Parental separation can lead to homelessness in many ways. For example, a separation might necessitate an urgent move, thereby generating a negative financial shock. Without enough savings or networks of family and friends to help cover this unexpected expense, low-income parents may be unable to afford secure and safe housing for their families. Possibly leading to homelessness.

The experience of homelessness and domestic violence has a severe impact on their health, education and wellbeing. These impacts include higher rates of anxiety, poor nutrition, isolation, emotional, mental and physical problems. It affects parents’ ability to provide appropriate support to their children. Prolonged homelessness makes it extremely difficult for families to regain stability.

House of Change shop counter

House of Change convenience and coffee shop creating jobs and income opportunities

State-level issue

It is quite disturbing that in most western countries, like Australia, the homelessness challenge is not a local council responsibility but a state-level issue, competing for state funds against roads, police, education and hospitals. The state government public housing departments do not have a sufficient budget to meet the demands for temporary shelter.

It will need to be the kindness of Businesses and their philanthropic leaders, coupled with passionate not for profit volunteers that will need to step up—solving this epic social challenge of our time. Together, the State needs to be lobbied to make available underutilised buildings for temporary shelter.

Crisis Housing provides safe, secure and affordable accommodation to those in times of need to assist them in breaking the cycle of homelessness and secure long-term, independent and sustainable housing solutions.

two men under umbrella with yachts in the background

Discussing homelessness on the Gold Coast with State Member of Parliament, Rob Molhoek

Strategic direction

  • Build relationships with housing industry providers
  • Engage with members of State Parliament and local councils
  • We will identify Partner organisations and develop sustainable working relationships.
  • Enhanced working relationships with the real estate industry
  • Form strategic partnerships between homelessness services, business leaders, corporate sponsors and not-for-profits
  • Raising funds to build appropriate accommodation

Our aim with this Campaign is to develop community participation, with a focus on reducing homelessness through innovation, advocacy, and increasing capacity, through leveraging local assistance (knowledge, expertise and skills, in-kind support, and resources, including financial investment)

House of Change Logo

The most important outcome is establishing House of Change temporary home facilities and services in the community. A caring place of refuge where the homeless receive real help to change their circumstances, keep the family unit together, and get back on track. Only then nobody needs to endure that killer fear of homelessness.

A holistic approach is required starting with providing the shelter and coordinated with:

  • Food providers
  • Op-shop
  • Counselling
  • Skills & recruitment
  • Logistics services

House of Change apartment blocks

Lobby with purple wall

On-Site Advisory Room

The first House of Change apartment block will be constructed on the Gold Coast and named Grace.

Depending on the success of the first apartment block, another eight House of Change apartment blocks could be constructed in major cities across Australia. Each apartment block will have ten 1- or 2-bedroom self-contained units. An on-site manager will occupy one unit to serve the circa 20 – 30 residents.

  • Joy – Brisbane
  • Faith – Adelaide
  • Gentle – Canberra
  • Patience – Sydney
  • Peace – Perth
  • Dignity – Darwin
  • Love – Newcastle
  • Mercy – Melbourne

Do you want to be remembered as a life-changer?

  1. We invite community members, builders, tradies, estate agents, local councils, parliament members, business leaders, corporate sponsors and not-for-profit organisations to partner with this community project.
  2. Make a donation.
  3. Share this campaign and updates with friends and family on social media.

Blue starThe One Light Guarantee

Every member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we operate a very lean cost structure, utilising volunteer and sponsored resources. This means that 100% of your donation will be applied to this project.

  • Donors will be acknowledged on the public House of Change campaign page.
  • Corporate Naming Rights for each apartment unit is also available on request.

House of Change cropped logoThank you for supporting your community!


*Please note the artist impression images are used for illustration purposes only. Regular progress updates of the project will be posted on social media and under the “updates” tab of this campaign.

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