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Campaign Story

Running out of money in retirement

“The prospect of running out of money in retirement can be terrifying, and the depth of despair in some people surprised me.” Professor McCallum from lobby group National Seniors said.

Researchers warned Australia’s poverty rate was worse than most wealthy countries, including New Zealand, Germany and Ireland.

In Australia, the poverty line was $457 per week for a single adult, increasing housing costs were pushing people into poverty

Pensioner couple smiling at each other

People are now going without the basics of life

“This is about food…the basics of life that people are now going without,” Dr Cassandra Goldie CEO of Australian Council of Social Service.

Only 3 per cent of Australians are planning to provide for the costs of aged care as they grow older.

Professor John McCallum said life expectancy for those aged 65 had increased by around six years since the 1980s. “That means Australians must now do something their parents and grandparents didn’t think about – plan for longer life,” he said.

Perhaps most concerning of all, around 70 per cent of people have no savings by the time they reach extreme old age and go into base level care, where homes cost about 87 per cent of their pension payments.

Making a difference

After recently witnessing despair in her own community and church congregation, Dr Cheryl Spicer reached out and gifted the person with a food hamper. She was surprised to see the impact of that small act of kindness… someone cares.

That is when she decided to do it on a grander scale over Christmas time, a time that could be very sad and depressing for some. Especially if you are unable to participate in the activities that most people take for granted.

Elderly lady sitting behind a book on a desk smiling
Logo of Global Spirited Women Australia Inc

Dr Cheryl Spicer, founder of Global Spirited Women Australia Inc.

“We’re not only a networking group who meet for social and business purposes, but we support people in the community with educational, emotional and humanitarian projects. We are the universal voice of love, faith, hope and inspiration connecting people to their hopes, their hearts and their possibilities. Especially when people are older, frail and vulnerable.”

Elderly lady in red jacket smiling


This year One Light Foundation collaborated with Global Spirited Women Australia Inc. Together we are planning to donate 100 gift hampers, serving 2 people each and will hand them out at the Christmas Angels Tea Party on the 7th of December. The cost is $140 for one hamper.

Christmas Angel Gift Card
Flower printed gift bag

"If you can't feed many, feed at least one person"

Dr Cheryl SpicerFounder of Global Spirited Women Australia Inc.

Food Hamper Products

  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • biscuits
  • Chips
  • Dried fruit
  • Long-life milk
  • Long-life custard
  • Jelly
  • Fruitcake
  • Chocolates
  • Bottled water
  • Christmas gift

Please support our pensioners in need

We accept not only cash but also Qoin and Bartercard trade dollars, crypto and products (see list) which could be delivered to One Light Charity Foundation, level one, 121 Scarborough Street, Southport.

We are proud of our Alternative Payment Partners

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Fun facts about Dr Cheryl Spicer

She wants to keep giving back until she is 100 years old.
Her mother taught her to be kind and caring.
She had three dreams of her addressing the United Nations, strange really. Meanwhile, she continues with charity work 😊
  • Hamper Production Video

    Gift hamper with Christmas gifts

    Packed Hamper

    With the help of wonderful volunteers and donors, we packed 100 gift hampers with quality products and gifts. The hampers will be donated to our pensioners in need at the Christmas Angels Tea Party on the 7th of December.

  • Christmas Hamper donation 2021

    Two ladies standing infront of boxes with wrapped Christmas gifts

    With Dr Cheryl Spicer – Global Spirited Women Australia Inc.

    One hundred hamper gifts donated.

  • Christmas Hamper donation 2022


    Bought from Taylor’s Pharmacy Tarramurra

    200 gift packs

  • Christmas Gift Hampers

    We are proud to support and donate to the Christmas Angel Hampers for a third year.
    Video interview with Dr Cheryl Spicer.

    One Light Charity Director donates gift boxes to two ladies

    Tony delivers gift hampers

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