Food supply – Helping our farmers in need

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Food supply – Helping our farmers in need

One Light Charity participates in the hay drive.

Australia is one of the driest countries on the planet. There will always be farmers who need assistance with feeding their animals.

Australian Weather and climate

Farming communities always live with the risk of Natural Disasters. Farmers are often said to operate in one of the riskiest environments in the world.

While farming businesses face many sources of risk, the variability of Australian weather and climate is one of the most challenging threats to manage. Extreme weather conditions cause greater exposure of stock and crops to heat-related stress and diseases.

Impact on farmers

When a farmer is facing the possibility of losing the farm, it is devastating. Giving up the profession he has done all his life is overwhelming. They lose their identity. Many small farmers have no choice but to borrow money or sell their farms.

The combination of drought and the resulting economic malaise in farming has led to a crisis of farmer distress and suicide.

One Light Charity created this Infographic of Australian Farmer Suicide rates

Buy a Bale

The Buy a Bale campaign is part of the charity Rural Aid. They offer services and support to rural communities. Not only suffering through Natural Disasters but communities that need help to survive.

One Light Charity and one of our premier donors, Bartercard, participated in the hay drive. We made a contribution of T$100,000 towards the Buy a Bale Campaign.

Make donations with cash, products, trade and crypto

One Light Charity Foundation accepts and makes donations with trading stock, property, services, trade dollars and cash. We support a wide cross-section of Australian Registered Charities, particularly those that have great Causes but struggle to gain national prominence.

The value of donations will be fully applied to those Charities that have lodged a Grant application to support their cause.

Farmers play a vital role in our daily lives. They are responsible for the food we put on our tables three times a day and provide the resources for us to put clothes on our backs. Please donate to our farmers in need today.