Future Causes

One Light has prioritised the following future causes to combat extreme suffering in Australia.  

  • Homeless Services

  • Domestic Violence

  • Child Neglect and Abuse

  • Extreme Poverty

  • Disabled and Medical Care

  • Natural Disaster Relief

  • Animal Cruelty

Supporting Good Taste Community radio stations

Beyond good taste music and upbeat shows, Good Taste radio represents an opportunity for local people, businesses and charities to come together, connect and to make a difference.

In an environment where radio has become a little impersonal and disconnected, Good Taste radio stations are proud to be operated by the local community and for the benefit of the city.  Providing local families with the best available programming, local information and music, all backed with a Good Taste Guarantee so the whole family can enjoy quality radio without any awkward moments.

A lot of what you hear is unique and you won’t hear it anywhere else. That’s both because these radio stations are local and independent.

Supporting the Good Taste radio stations, one city at a time, will provide us with powerful ways to connect One Light Charity with highly engaged listeners.