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Some of the early signs of MS

A definite list of early symptoms of MS does not exist, given that disease manifestations can be variable and quite different between affected people. However, several symptoms are common to the disease and are viewed as early signs of MS. These are:

  • disproportionate tiredness
  • problems with walking or regular loss of balance
  • numbness and tingling (sense of pins and needles)
  • discomfort and pain
  • immobility or cramps
  • eyesight concerns
  • restricted thinking

People experiencing symptoms of the disease should make an appointment with their health care provider and record their symptoms’ occurrence, severity, and duration.

Best to contact a specialized medical professional with training in neurology or nervous system diseases that can confirm an MS diagnosis.

What are the common symptoms of MS? 

Typical symptoms will vary from person to person, depending on factors like wherein the body the nervous system is damaged. In addition, the harshness of symptoms also varies widely, suggesting that everyone with MS will have a different experience.

Relapse or flare-ups

The nervous system’s inflammatory attack can cause disease deterioration, also called worsenings or flare-ups, which are periods when one or more symptoms appear or get substantially worse. To constitute a relapse, symptoms must last for at least a day and may continue for weeks or months.

The most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

Table with symptoms of multiple sclerosis

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Impact of a life-threatening disease on patients and loved ones

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