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We Are Proud To Release Our New Crowdfunding Platform For Individuals, Groups And Clubs That Empower People And Communities In Times Of Vulnerability

What is Crowdfunding?


One Light Charity Foundation is offering a Crowdfunding platform, engaging people to support Causes of extreme suffering and motivating them to donate to the following Causes: Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Medical Support, Education and Poverty.


Campaign runners can customize, manage and track the progress of campaigns and post updates to supporters with the most comfortable effort.

How it works

Generally, it involves an individual or an organisation setting a fundraising target online and then asking the internet crowd for donations to reach that target.


Crowdfunding can allow an individual to contribute to an organisation or a chosen Cause in a way they may not ordinarily have been able to.

How do I start my Campaign?

Launching a nonprofit Campaign to reduce suffering across Australia is possible with One Light Charity Foundation. Campaign runners can customise, manage and track the progress of Campaigns and post updates to supporters with the most comfortable effort.

  • Sign up, start a Campaign and share your story
  • Define Target Goals and Timeline
  • Get Admin Approval
  • Raise Funds from the Campaign
  • Check the Status from the Dashboard
  • Request for Fund Withdrawal
  • Withdraw Funds

What makes Our Crowdfunding different?

Add Words

Our Google adds grant optimisation helps to increase donations and awareness.

DIY Platform

We have created a complete donation platform for individuals, clubs, schools and groups.


We manage donated funds safely through Braintree, Paypal, Bartercard and Coinbase payment options.
We are the only crowdfunding platform that accepts donations in cash, trade, crypto and products.

Customise Campaigns

We can customise Campaigns to enable personalised Campaigns.


You can personalise and share your Campaign in just a few minutes.

Take Control

Once your Campaign is live, you can manage and track the progress of your donations and post updates to your supporters.

Learn how to create a successful Campaign.

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