What Is Crowdfunding?

Creating a successful One Light Crowdfund Campaign is the process of raising money for a project in small increments (i.e., from a crowd). Instead of relying on a few big investors, you ask for cash from hundreds or even thousands of “backers”—and early backers are usually connected to you in some way. In return, you promise them something: some free swag.

Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign is easier than ever; running a successful campaign is anything but.

Crowdfunding Sites

When you use the One Light Crowdfund platform, it makes it quick and straightforward for others to contribute to your Campaign. You won’t have to worry about collecting donations from everyone because donations will be sent straight to your bank account. A free site means that you can keep even more of your gifts, helping you to meet your goal faster.

Our online fundraiser also makes it easy for others to support you in other ways. Friends and family can easily share your fundraiser link with all of their contacts to bring in even more support for your Cause.

SMART goals for a successful One Light Crowdfund Campaign

One Light Crowdfund Campaign image of a young man and woman sitting opposite each other looking at a computer screen

Reliable, and well-planned, fundraising Campaign.

An active fundraising campaign is planned around SMART goals.

  • Set a Specific monetary goal.
  • Make sure your stated goal is Measurable
  • Decide which Actions are needed to meet that goal
  • Be Realistic
  • Set a shorter Timeframe or deadline

What makes your Crowdfund Campaign unique?

Imagine for a moment that you are presented with three possible giving opportunities: your organisation and two others.


  1. Why should a donor give you money (instead of another organisation or Cause)
  2. Why are you raising money?
  3. Why do you need money now?
  4. Why is this urgent?
  5. Why should I care?

Most successful nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns

What makes your project unique—and how do you frame that exceptional quality? If you can answer that question, you’re on your way to crowdfunding success.

Having a fantastic product or an important cause is no guarantee you’ll hit your fundraising goal: You need a hook.

What puts most campaigns over the edge is the “hook”—a unique quality that communicates clearly and concisely why the Cause is worth someone’s attention.

The Hook

There is a hook that’s particularly conducive to crowdfunding: the personal story. Read any crowdfunding tutorial, and it will remind you to show the people behind the Campaign. Let audiences hear your story.

  • Why was this project personal for you?
  • What made you so passionate about it?
  • Why are you uniquely qualified to turn this idea into reality?

Your Audience

To grow your audience, you have to know where to reach them. Ask yourself two questions:

  • Where are the people who care about what you care?
  • How can you share your story with them?

Once you identify and know where to find, your potential donors, converting them to actual donors takes knowing how to connect.

Share With Friends And Family On Facebook

Your first supporters will be the people in your life. Sharing with your Facebook network should be your first step to a successful One Light Crowdfund Campaign. Our best tip if you’re looking to increase donations.

Add a personalised message with your link, explaining why your Campaign means so much to you, and how grateful you’ll be for a donation or share! A simple, direct, and heartfelt appeal will get you the most views.

Send Personal Outreaches

Personally share your link with 4-5 friends or family members by sending a text message, Facebook message, email, asking in person, or by making a phone call.

Post Frequent Updates

Supporters appreciate receiving updates from fundraiser organisers and updates can contribute to a successful Campaign. Why? Because it’s a way to continue engaging the people who want to help you most.

Some great updates include:

  • How donations are being used
  • Thank you shout outs to those who have donated or shared
  • How you (or your beneficiary) is doing
  • A request for supporters to share your link with their networks

Show Your Appreciation

Always thank your donors, as soon as you can! Your donors are sharing their hard-earned money to help you accomplish something important to you.

Don't Be Shy To Ask.

All the planning in the world falls short if you don’t ask.

You won’t get a donation from every person you ask, and that’s OK. It doesn’t mean that you did a lousy job, or that the people you asked are terrible

Pro Tip:

Consider requesting that your donors share your One Light Crowdfund Campaign link with their friends on social media.

The One Light Crowdfund Registrations are now open!


The Applicant’s Crowdfund Campaign must be for the relieve of extreme suffering in areas such as:


Applications must be made using the Application Form available on this website and all sections must be completed.