Two meerkats sitting on a rock

Jasmine and Daisy

Super cute meerkats have a brand new home

One Light Charity Foundation has been busy helping the community and giving back to those who are doing it tough for more than ten years now. But, it’s not just humans who are the beneficiaries.

Two meerkats now have a brand new home thanks to the generosity of our Bartercard donors.

Zambi Wildlife retreat has two new “retirees”, Jasmine and Daisy. The super cute pair were relocated to their new home in Western Sydney from an Australian zoo, and they love their new enclosure.

Others had picked on them in the group. It often happens, the animals need to be separated because of injuries. They can’t be returned due to the tightness of the unit they came from.

The whole story featured in the Qoin Magazine, please read more. Meerkats find a new home

Human-animal bond

One Light Charity promotes the human-animal bond and supports Registered Charities and projects who:

  • protect street animals and pets,
  • support farm animal welfare,
  • stop wildlife abuse,
  • eliminate painful animal testing,
  • respond to natural disasters
  • confront cruelty to animals in all of its forms.

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