Lismore is the the most flood-prone city in Australia

What happened recently was unimaginable – flood water climbed to a staggering 14.4m, almost two metres above the highest on record. Shocking stories emerge of people spending up to eight hours on their roofs hoping for rescue

We visited Lismore last week after the recent deadly catastrophe. The scale of destruction is unimaginable and incredibly confronting. The recovery will take years as the true extent of the disaster becomes clear.

Two out of three flood-affected homes in Lismore will need to be demolished and rebuilt or substantially repaired before being inhabited.

Two women hugging each other infront of flooded house

The entire Lismore CBD was underwater

After days of rain the entire Lismore CBD was underwater and wiped out. The heavy rain led to the Wilsons River breaching its levee overnight, with roads cut off.

Piles of rubbish infront of flooded shops

The massive clean-up

Locals have begun the massive clean-up: abandoned cars and piles of the rubbish line the streets.

Piles of rubbish line the streets

Right now, there are unprecedented numbers of people in Lismore who have lost their homes and businesses. Here are ways to support them right now while everyone is waiting for their houses and businesses to dry out.

Please donate:

Two men standing with older women delivering furnitureOne Light volunteers Anthoni and Rob donating furniture

Lismore residents need the following items urgently:

Cleaning products


Anti-mould chemicals


Drop off points:

Temporary Ops Centre

Southern Cross University


1 Military Road Lismore

Or send to

One Light Charity

1/121 Scarborough street