Shopping local

It’s obvious how this past year has drastically affected local economies. People lost their jobs, and businesses closed down for good. We’ve all seen our communities trying to cope amidst the weight of COVID restrictions.

If you’re looking for ideas to do your part as our communities rebuild, check out these five easy yet impactful ideas. You can quickly infuse support and resources into your local economy and community by making vital choices.


Increase your support by engaging online

It’s easy to give a business a positive shout-out on social media. Help them show up online as a 5-star business attracting new customers. Leave a kind review or compliment them through word-of-mouth.

Commenting words of encouragement or replying to their products on social media posts are easy ways to show your support. Keep in touch via Facebook, Instagram, etc. and share – It’s good exposure for them.

Support your local food system

It’s not only local restaurants — but local farms are also fighting to cope right now.

Many of our local farms rely on selling their products to local buyers, such as restaurants and grocers and advertising their produce at farmers’ markets. With increasingly inadequate opportunities, farmers are left with unsold products.

When you buy locally, you will reap the benefits of fresh, regional food — plus fewer trips to the store, less handling of your food, and an increased immune system.


Think small before the big stores

When doing your regular online shopping; before hitting, purchase think about how the products in your cart could be bought locally. Be mindful and take that additional time to consider how you could be helping small businesses.

Check-in with small business owners and employees

When picking up your order, ask how they are doing. No better way to support small businesses than verbally checking in. Share your gratitude and thank them for trying their best during tough times.

Donate your skills to assist small businesses

With many stores suddenly shifting to online retailing, businesses need assistance with online marketing, setting up online shops, delivery, and logistics. Consider volunteering your skills, offer a discount, or agree on a trade that suits you both.

Now that you have a few ideas for supporting local businesses, it’s time to put these suggestions to good use.