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These guidelines have been developed to assist applicants in the development of an application for a grant. If you are unsure if your organization or project is eligible for funding from the One Light Charity Foundation contact the Foundation before beginning your application.

  1. Applications must be made using the Application Form available on this website and all sections must be completed.
  2. Explain how the need for the grant has been established and provide a specific timeframe.
  3. Indicate who is expected to benefit or is benefiting most from the grant and how it will impact on the wider community and explain how this program is in keeping with the mission of the One Light Charity Foundation.
  4. Provide a detailed spending plan (excl GST) on how the grant will be used in consultation with a local Bartercard franchise representative. As a rule, the Foundation will not include the GST incurred by organisations for purchases or in the provision of services. It is presumed that organisations applying to the Foundation are registered for the GST and are able to reclaim this amount.
  5. Ensure all required attachments listed on the Application Form are enclosed with your application, in accordance with the tax status of your organization and the specifics of your spending program.
  6. Send only one copy of your application.

Apply For A Grant